Marksbury Aja Ann Van Gogh Regret Unicorn Microfiber Duvet Covers by Red Barrel Studio Price and Details

Material: Microfiber / Polyester Material Composition: 100% Polyester
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What colors are attractive to you?

Colors do not only make a space look bigger or smaller. It also sets the mood in the room. Color affects our disposition, so ensure to choose colors that are to your liking and those that encourage a good mood to set the atmosphere in the room adequately.

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After moving into my new apartment, I spent a lot of time perfecting my living room and dining area, because they're the spaces I use most. Now that I've finally got them to place I'm happy with, I'm setting my sites on upgrading my bedroom. It's currently a hodgepodge of an old bed frame, a bookshelf that doubles as nightstand, and a broken dresser. As I started shopping for new pieces, I turned to Wayfair, because the retailer has a ton of stylish pieces that are also affordable. The hard part was sifting through of its massive selection and finding the best picks.”

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I've only had one hiccup when shopping Wayfair, but that's expected as things can't run smoothly all the time. The home furnishings I've bought in the past have all been of great quality. Great prices and super-fast shipping! Dealing with customer service reps can be frustrating sometimes, but I've worked in customer service before so I know it's not an easy task all the time.

Please read the description before to buy Red Barrel Studio Marksbury Aja Ann Van Gogh Regret Unicorn Microfiber Duvet Covers

I'm guilty of just scanning the descriptions, but don't make my mistake; read descriptions completely if you want to buy. Keep in mind that furniture companies choose their wording carefully. For example, veneer or composite woods come from wood pulp or synthetic material, and furnishings made from these materials will be lower quality than furnishings made with solid wood.


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I ordered a High Quality Duvet Cover Set from Wayfair recently and was glad to see that it would be arriving before my upcoming trip. I found out late in the process that the delivery would be delayed and was freaking out! So by being int ouch with the customer service dept. I was eventually put on the line with J. He is a delivery specialist, and he saved the day! He not only coordinated it all, but even got it there on a Sunday for me! The set is gorgeous, so the quality of their product is obviously great as well. Thank you J. and the Wayfair team!

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    I have been purchasing from Wayfair for several years, and I love them! Their shipping is free- which is very important to me because I do not have access to easy shopping living in the country. The products offered have good quality, and I especially Love their art work! It is very unique and different. I review my orders honestly and quickly- and receive reward monies for doing so. A nice touch! I share my great experience about Wayfair to many others who want to update their own look and where to purchase good home items.

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